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It is increasingly evident that companies depend on their technological architecture to compete in a timely and effective manner in the face of the requirements of the market they serve and in the face of the movements that their competitors execute.


In other words, along with continuing to attend to the daily operation of the business, efforts must be assigned to evolve towards a technological architecture more in line with the new times.

The range is wide and includes deciding, for example, development stacks, cloud vs onpremise architectures, security artifacts, development methodologies, IT service standards, etc.




You must keep the current services active and, at the same time, design and apply strategies to evolve from monolithic architectures to lighter and more flexible architectures.


Furthermore, you will also face a growing shortage of available talent to recruit or fill the required positions, in order to rapidly implement the required technology solutions.


Given the coverage and scope under your responsibility, you should ensure that your team maintains adequate levels of climate and compliance.




More than questioning the current architectural pattern, our approach is to support with the know-how and expertise of talents that we unite with your analysis, development, testing and deployment teams.


We join your work teams to collaborate as one more member and even direct the development and test automation processes if necessary, either in person, remotely, even in Off-Shore mode.


We also design and implement workflows that meet the main development methodologies and standards (PMI, AGILE, SCRUM, SCRUMBAN), software quality (ISTQB) and IT Services provision (ITIL, KANBAN).

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